Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Los Angeles became an international epicenter for the loss of life and viral exposure.  With critical medical facilities at capacity during that time, it was a failure in government and leadership that led to this breaking point.   

The impacts to our economic resiliency and the education of our youth, who for more than one year received less than adequate, virtual learning, have been staggering.  We must prepare for the new economy that will emerge post-pandemic.

There is hope if we form a dedicated task force built from within city government, committed to facing these challenges head on.  We must partner with all communities and neighborhoods within our district to create specific COVID-19 policies.  

Such policies would include the responsible reduction in safeguards, to expanding the use of parking zones, public sidewalks and street lanes for such things as outdoor dining and other consumer-dense activities.  Since businesses generate a substantial portion of city revenue, we must prioritize incentives which allow them to safely flourish.

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