Public Safety

Unlike my opponents, I have had the honor of protecting and servicing our council district as a peace officer.  I’ve proudly served with men and women who are exemplary individuals, courageously putting their lives on the line every day.  

Law enforcement is a career unlike any other, often based on split-second decisions.  Those who serve in it do it from a sense of personal mission.

However, recent events pose a landmark shift and pivotal moment in America for law enforcement.  

Through community-based policing, we can increase the safety of our neighborhoods with proactive approaches, while rebuilding trust.  Neighborhood watches, civic partnerships, and youth programs are a few methods to implement this principle.  

As a child, my first sports team was sponsored by a local police youth athletic league.  It offered mentorship and a profound sense that law enforcement officers are allies in my community.  

Increased training is needed, particularly in de-escalation tactics when contacting the mentally ill.  More mental health response teams, partnered with the appropriate law enforcement element, are required in all of our neighborhoods.

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